NetData - A tool for server performance and health monitoring/alerting

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A tool for server performance and health monitoring/alerting


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This is a fabulous, free, open source, fully configurable tool that provides real-time performance and health monitoring for any server. Great for use on Steem witness servers in-particular, you can set up real time alerting for a near infinite amount of statistics.

For example, you might want to know when your shared memory space is close to filling up. If it hits 95%, netdata can be configured to fire an alert via sms, email, telegram, discord and many others. Don't want to be spammed with alerts? You can configure throttling and alert counts so you might only get an SMS sent to you if cpu spikes over 90% for 2 minutes and then doesnt alert again for another 30 minutes. All of this is easily configurable. You also get free support from which you get quick and useful responses.

Charts are fully customisable; it is possible to create ones that show witness block creation and overall witness latency using custom built log monitoring plugins. Basically, anything you can ever wish for in monitoring of your services is catered for.



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  • Open Source (Hooray!!)
  • Multiple useful features
  • User friendly
  • Configurable alerts
  • Free support


  • None that I can see

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