XION FPV - new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenar

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new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenar



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How are you guys, of course, you're good at presenting a product that is very dear to all of us because we use it so much we use many types of drones to capture some of our most important video I think it's in them. Best of all because you will find many features in it

This small drone allows you to easily control by remote control. Up and down, anywhere you can find everything in your hands, Xion FPV brings a whole new way to explore the world and capture break-taking scenery.

Remotely controllable camera up / down
Realtime video streaming from camera
The detachable screen on goggles/transmitter
Recharging through USB
Micro SD card for photo/video storage (not included)
6 axis gyro
All direction control
Digital Proportional
Light effect
Battery info





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Drones are popular for taking stunning aerial photos and videos. And it is fun and entertaining to fly a drone. This device looks a great option for those who are looking for a drone for capturing awesome photos and videos. Also this is capable of steaming live videos too.

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many drones exists to support the user capturing stills and video. most of them don't really look cool, but this one does! look at it! this is a step Steve Jobs made with the nerdy looking mobile phones... make technology and electronics look good!

How much is the price for this drone?


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