Adeept RFID Starter Kit - Python with Printed Guidebook, 40-Pin GPIO Board

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Adeept RFID Starter Kit

Python with Printed Guidebook, 40-Pin GPIO Board



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Hunter's comment

Hello friends how are you all of course you are good I came to you today with a new robotic guide book and hope you really will play a very important role in this group your electronic and it will certainly be very useful hope you will find out more about this product.

In order for us to understand them, we need a guidebook that gives us a basic idea.

Designed for Raspberry Pi & Python & Linux beginners, and electronic enthusiasts.
A detailed printed user manual / guidebook (Size: A5) with 26 lessons and two versions of code (Python and C) is provided, this is for you to learn Raspberry Pi and C&& Python programming. After you purchase, just send an email to us with the title "require files for RPi RFID kit",

Check the link for more details


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This RFID starter kit can be very useful for electronics students and coding lovers.
Great hunt 👍 👍 👍

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whoops, Python with digitally printed guide robot book. Seems really cool and all the Python developers and learners are gonna enjoy it. The idea is pretty fine and neat and a new way to get interacted with Python cool hunt

Amazing kit which made program learning and robotics easier and entertaining to understand. It will help to boost kids skill, creativity and logics. Great hunt

Great Hunt! This is really a great robotic kit with a printed guidebook that will be very useful and helpful for electronic students. This book will provide them a better and step by step guidance and practical implementation using this kit.

Hi dear hunter @mamun123456 you share a really great hunt for All creatures whose love to new and different techniques . This software is easier method for understanding and handling for pythons purposes. It's really easy to understand.

Such an useful method to understand the use and importance of electronic products and devices. I never heard about this type of RFID kit but it's impressive. Great hunt


  • easy to use.
  • easy to learn python.
  • robotic kit to be used in daily life.
  • not much expensive.


  • non

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really a good kit for the Student of IoT and it help them to learn and have hands on practical experience. it is compatible with most of the famous programming languages and Raspberry pi.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This is really good tool to learn computer programing languages. This can help us to create some amazing stuff for daily use. Great find on the web. Happy Hunting

Hello dear @mamun123456
Really useful search for today to understand the utility of electronic tools to create new things the help of this book. In present time everyone should have some knowledge about creating robotic kit for daily use. Not only be learn but we can also make a profession related in this field and have some employment.
Thank you for your valuable search..

Wow, your post is very good. This is a really good tool. In today's time, people need to have knowledge of this useful method to understand the utility of electronic devices. This tool can help create useful items. Your search is very good.

wow, dear hunter @mamun123456 Your post is great. Especially for us to share all the details about the robot with us. At present, the trend of discovering various electronic issues and new things is increasing. So with that it can be said that your search is great.

Hey friend
This is a nice and impressive kit that helps to learn about about electronics. Basically i find it a way to enhance or add some knowledge. Nice Hunt you shared.

This thing looks amazing and I am pretty sure that will be the hunt of the day . I will be your fun and encourage you to continue give us hunt like this . Thanks a lot hunter

this will be a gift for those Programmers who are trying to learn Raspberry Pi & Python & Linux, now they can learn all these languages easily.

Python with raspberry pi is Increasing the capability of creative Minds :) such a cool thing it is :)

A good one for my cousin, He will love it. He is crazy for electronics.

Cool Hunt


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