Playstation 4 Pro Console - Playstation 4 with 4K gaming, and more power

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Playstation 4 Pro Console

Playstation 4 with 4K gaming, and more power



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The Playstation 4 Pro system offers 4K gaming, more power, and HDR, and 4K Content Streaming.

Alot of older PS4 games will get updated PS4 Pro Enhanced Features, better graphics, etc.

Native 4K gaming, enhanced gaming effects, more vivid textures, and better shadows, HDR, ad boost to FPS on alot of games, and Boost mode on some titles, the PS4 Pro offers alot over the standard console.

Play awesome exclusives like Knack II, GOD OF WAR, Uncharted Series, Gran Turismo series, Horizon Zero Dawn, to name a few.

You cannot go wrong with the PS4 Pro at $399 its a no brainer really.



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Excellent @madscientistx13, PS4 is a very good machine to play, and for many other things. It has power to spare and very good titles


Mission Completed


A more powerful product with 4K content flow. Advanced game effects, more vibrant textures and better shadows give you many features. The price is suitable for me. Thank you.

Again we are surprised by the sony improving the design of the ps4. These new games give much to talk about, and the improvements in graphics that give us much more excitement. It looks really great!

Cool Hunt, Hunter.


  • It promises better visuals as well as increased frame rates for compatible games.
  • It gives best graphical performance in a console.
  • It surely provides better experience for PS VR gamers too.
  • Affordable price.


  • Only a 1TB HDD which will fill rapidly i would like to have atleast 2TB HDD.
  • Not a huge upgrade for existing PS4 owners.

If you have a 4K tv it makes a big difference, the enchanced versions of other games gives an incentive to go back and replay past games, I do agree the HDD needs to be bigger, if these companies are going to force very large game that even with the DISC version require ALOT of space on the HDD to install them, they need to increase the size of the HDD, with the price of HDD's so cheap there is no reason to keep 1TB the norm for a machine such as this.


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  • very great

  • more power, and HDR, and 4K Content Streaming.

  • comfortable to wear


  • none

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

This is an @aboutindonesia opinion on Playstation 4 Pro Console



  • Can play games with sophisticated effects
  • Nice and cool design form
  • With a decent price, suitable for this good product
  • And with complete features and lots of good games, it will be in great demand

wow ... i like to play games, with interesting features and good pictures like ps-4 this will certainly make me satisfied.

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