Neverending Drawing Machine - Collaborative creativity station

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Neverending Drawing Machine

Collaborative creativity station



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NEDM as its acronym is a station that allow users to collaborate and digitally edit each other's paper sketchbooks. The system is in the cloud so collaboration can either be local or remote. It has two creation stations that can be synchronized via the internet.

Collaborators need not have to be on the same page of their sketchbooks as it allows non-linear access. Sound may also be recorded and sent along with sketches.

It is a cool hybrid device that is very easy to use and does not require expertise so even children can use it for learning.

Watch the video to see how it works:


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The future is cloud application and we are seeing companies moving from On prime Applications to cloud applications. Frankly speaking, I'm a fan of cloud applications as well. NEDM allowing its users to collaborate at any point of time and be in sync with the work progress in their field of digital art makes the application appealing. What makes NEDM more interesting is that sound recording can also be sent along with sketches that pretty unique feature in itself. Nice hunt mate..Cheers

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