RePhone Kit Create - Open source modular phone kit

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RePhone Kit Create

Open source modular phone kit




Hunter's comment

When you order this kit you get a small touchpad together with some technical elements out of which you can build your phone together. Additionally to this there is Kraft paper out of which you can put a shell for your phone together.

The whole thing is an an open source kit and was founded on Kickstarter.

Because of you do this all at your own it may cause problems to do it alright but still everything is unique afterwards.
For a humiliate price of 59$ it is worth a try.

images taken from the product site



Hunter: @lynxtext

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Wow. This will make people become very creative.


  • Open source
  • Easy to use
  • Encourage people to be creative
  • Customizable cover


  • Need a litle technical skill for soldering small parts and cable

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