GameSir Marsback - Transform your mobile into a mini classic arcade console

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GameSir Marsback

Transform your mobile into a mini classic arcade console



Hunter's comment

GameSir Marsback

Missing the retro games?

Enjoy playing using Marsback that supports either Android or iOS systems. If you want to play with your friends, you can connect and enjoy via Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

xiaoji 3.jpg

It has similar design with the retro consoles that we used before but this one is more portable with a original and exceptional design.


Because of its size, you can carry it anywhere you want and play anytime you want, and that's make GameSir Marsback perfect to travel with.



Hunter: @loydjayme25

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Nice hunt, @loydjayme25. Cute and portable console, great to kill time.

This console brings back a lot of memories from the old days. Innovation do happen in cycles and I am sure many people will be happy to see that the gaming console is back.

This will no doubt do well in the market

It would be great to play games with your friends by Gamesir Marsback and also it is available on both Applestore and Playstore.

WOW this is fantastic, relive memorable moments from the past, I just have to place the smartphone and this will be transformed into a classic miniarcade console, Great Hunt

This is for me, with what a great fan I am of the video games and even more if it is about playing retro games, they remind me of old times, and together with that I just have to place my smartphone to play, excellent hunt.

My brother was crazy about this games in the past. He was going to game cantre to play street fighter and similar other games. This one is a tiny version of the huge game machines. You can use it with your smartphone. I will show him this product and i know for sure he will search to buy it. Thanks for sharing

Due to its size, you can carry anywhere you want and play whenever you want. Ideal solution for retro games. A nice option to have a good time. Thanks

A nice advantage is that it has a Marsback system that supports both platforms. Converting the phone for classic games has never been so easy. Connect with Bluetooth and feel a different experience.

It will be a thing of joy to actually convert my mobile device to a console. Thanks for sharing yet another awesome product

I love this because you don't need to go to game house before you can enjoy good games. Its fun to have playing with friends

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Well done!

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Wow! This is nostalgic. It has cute little joystick too. Enjoy mini arcade anywhere you want. Retro games are getting a comeback. Great hunt!


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