Horizon Explorer - Point your camera and receive information

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Horizon Explorer

Point your camera and receive information





Hunter's comment

Hello everyone!

How are you doing today? Hope everything is fine. Here I come with my second hunt and today I'd like to take the chance to let you know about this app that can teach you a lot about our home planet. You can now learn a lot about the Earth in a Hi-Tech way.

Just aim with your camera and you will get to know what you're aiming at. Vast amounts of information regarding the geographic entities you can see through your camera's lens available in an instant. From names and distances, to altitudes and maps of the pointed areas of the Earth's surface. No need to google anything while you're on vacation, just turn on your camera and you're set.

Works worldwide and performs a lot better when a large field of view is granted. There are no notifications or advertisements running in the background at all. This is an app that uses Google's ARCore to do augmented reality

Available for Android on Google Play

You can check out this YouTube video for more information:

I hope you liked this hunt!
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Thank you for reading!
Have a good day!




Hunter: @lordneroo


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  • Helps you to get more informations about the city you visit when traveling


  • seems not to be available for iOs


  • Unique tool
  • Educational asset
  • Available on Google Play


  • None


  • Saves you from scam travel guides
  • Let you add knowledge without stress
  • can work as a GPS incase you get lost


  • Can't function in places without internet


Use of Augmented Reality is the USP
Futuristic concept to boost tourism


Will drain the battery very soon and that's not a good thing when you are on a vacation

Risk of unrecognizable places


  • Perfect for travelers and adventurers! No need for being stressed out asking about the place since infos could already be given in one capture
  • People having no sense of direction like me really needs this one!


  • Of course, this really needs internet connectivity so you would be completely stagnant if you have connectivity issues
  • Not available in iOs as of the moment


  • Great application which helps and informs the user the geographical information he is in position and made only by just using your smartphone's camera, isn't it amazing?
    -Very great for hikers, who would love to measure their progress in their trip.
  • Overall this application is good, would definitely recommend this one to Android users and capitalize this one especially in this generation wherein travelling is so hyped!


  • Too bad no iOS app. It would definitely be a hit if it has an iOS release.

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Hey, what a great app! The graphics look very good and it is easy to use. Thank you for making the information known and shared. Regards!