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Store luggage at your convenience



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Have some problem enjoying the day but being burdened by the weight of your bags? Stasher web app might be the one for you.

Stasher is a luggage storage network that connects with hotels and shops to secure your belongings. We know there are many different luggage facility storages but what makes Stasher different? The best thing with stasher is it's no size restriction policy. Whatever the size or the weight of your luggage a stasher storage network will store it. Storage fee starts only at £6 and your luggage is insured for a valuation of up to £750.

With stasher you belongings are safe and secured.



Hunter: @lordkingpotato

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Great hunt. Always need a platform like this while traveling or moving houses. With this one can easily store one's luggage and move around hassle free.


Thanks! True, this one is perfect, especially for those who frequently travels. Thank you for dropping by :)

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Awesome. Thanks Sensei! :)

City Stasher is a great app, this gives travellers a peace of mind, it is helpful for those travelling in family that catching a late flight but need to hotel check out at 12pm. this will save a lot of space and time for travellers to go for last min shopping and sightseeing. This app should be download by all travellers. You may know if you need to use at last minute.

Thank you for shring, indeed this is a great app.


No problem, thank you very also for having the time to check the app. Hope it will you and the family for your future travels.Thanks again! :)


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