Tona - Overall fitness app-Record any workout& compete with friends

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Overall fitness app-Record any workout& compete with friends

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Tona is a new fitness platform that allows you to record any workout, track progress, compete with friends and connect with your gym.source

Let's face it, there are many fitness apps out there but this is different kind of.

It has a large exercise library with around 2,000 exercises available

creating exercises or workout routine for clients, yourself or friends all free of charge

Leader board is available to challenge anyone to do more to be at the top.

You can monitor and track key metrics such as calories, load and heartrate. Etc..



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I love the feature about the competition. LOL, it gives us more spirit, and ofcourse we can do exercise better because we have R-I-V-A-L-S. I hop i can make professional become my rival too.

only on the ios


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