Q Mic - Optimally Designed For All Types Of Content Creators

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Q Mic

Optimally Designed For All Types Of Content Creators



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For an effective video or audio content creation, sound quality is one of its key ingredients. Thus, you need a device that combines the simplicity of use with high productive output. Basically, Q mic is a device optimized for professional and amateur content creators.

It has all that you need to produce a quality content and supports camera, smartphones, tablets, Go-Pro etc…




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I saw YouTubers using expensive microphones. If a small microrecorded sound has good sound quality, it is likely to be used a lot depending on the situation.

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Nice, Looks impressive and yes it would be great for all video content creators as i know some of my friends who create Dtube video's so i must inform them about this cool finding again. Nice to see good hunt on top

Looks nice, i tried making YouTube vids and totally agree that a solid mic is needed for quality. This could very well be a great option for anyone to consider

A good mic is the first requirement for video makers and this one is great product for them. I see many people share video in YouTube with poor quality audio. Now they can make their video with quality sound..

This looks really a fantastic solution for that person who want to be a fine content creator with all different types. It will help them in a very easy way.

No doubt having crystal clear voice is one of the top priorities in content creation. However, i observe that peoples usually buy many different types of microphones for making unique video content which is expensive process therefore i really like this mic coz it has three different modes Omni, Directional, and ASMR that are some of the most widely used types of sound recordings. Overall it looks suitable both for professional & amateur video makers. Excellent Search

Excellent mic for creators to use this for better results of their content's audio quality. YouTube video content creators can use this to get better results.

Yeah, one cannot compromise on the sound quality. This seems like a nice mic for content creators.
I hope it provides best quality @ minimal cost.

If you are content creator it is really helpful product for your because when you create video content your need good quality mic. Q mic is best for your because it connect with camera smartphones and tablets as well.

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-
Well, It gonna be a useful too for Video contents creators like the people who review or for Interview something like that. it is smart too and definitely gonna make our work easier.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

I make videos for Dtube and understand the importance of quality sound. This Q mic seem to be a cool products to make video with quality sound.

Cool Hunt

I'm gonna really love this
As I create video contents regularly and I am also planning to create an audio content soon

This is definitely gonna help filter all the noise

I really like the idea behind this and the looks of the mic. I have a Audio Technica USB microphone that works phenomenally, but it is rather big and it was a bit expensive. Having something portable that works with a wide variety of devices would be really awesome. I think that a lot of people could benefit from this. I know the logistics of having people submit videos can be really hard and a device like this might make it a little easier. Thanks for sharing. Nice Hunt!

This is an excellent mic for anyone who is serious about making quality content Great hunt

it's obvious that for forming a very good impression on others requires bestest and clearest way of communication when there is low quality mic it gives bad impression automatically and sometimes it lead to confusion in minds ....

as you have said :

Q mic is a device optimized for professional and amateur content creators.

i think you are right every professional would also like to know about it ....!

great hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted

Excellent Hunt! Yes You are absolutely right that for Audio or Video Content Makers the sound quality should be perfect and of course this Q Mic device will be the best solution for them because this gives many features like all in one device for content creators

This microphone will help people who might want to make video to be uploaded on youtube. This microphone will make the audio to be very clear. Nice hunt

Make an impressive audio content. Excellent for everyone love to create content to upload on YouTube or dtube.

Woah! I love all about this Mic the size, the flexibility, and the design just attach to your gadget and here we go you can record a sound in just easiest step. This Q Mic is perfect for all vloggers I put this to my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

@lemmybe, cool hunt. This is exactly what I need for my online courses that I am putting up as it requires that we have good microphone as the students will be listening to the audio to learn. This Q Mic will do the trick, especially I am just an amateur and just want to click a few button to get things going for me. Great hunt.

Those people interest to create make video content, hope they choice this gadget easily. Cause this microphone well modified with more facilities. Thanks for share .


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Like the flexibility of 3 settings options: 360°, directional, ASMR. @lemmybe It’s also compact.
Interesting Hunt!