Field Based QSAR - Great software for making novel medicine for lethal diseases

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Field Based QSAR

Great software for making novel medicine for lethal diseases



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Filed based QSAR is a software that is offered by This software allows the us to see and interpret the data that we gather by ligand based molecular docking. It shows the hydrophobic electrostatic and steric fields of protein and ligand to develop the novel medicine for lethal diseases like cancer, AIDS and dangue etc



Hunter: @learnandgrow

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WOw this thing is really great you know.
you can watch different interactions and than you can predict on the basis of the results those are in scores that is it good binding or not.
Amazing hunt!

I dont know much about what these thing are these drug designing tools. But to know these are helping to remove these lethal diseases. Thats awesome
great hunt!

This software is so precious. It can be great for the world. I never though software could do this.
Good luck for hunt!


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