HoloBack - Create and share holographic videos

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Create and share holographic videos



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Video Source : https://youtube.com

HoloBack captures and records high-quality holographic clips (video).

You can place yourself or your friends in the scene as a reality ... Then you can share them with your friends!

Holograms are fun and you can look around the corners.

So you can see hidden details, which you usually can not ever see!

  • You can create a great version with you!
  • In a unique way you can convey greetings!
  • Friends will be excited to see that you think about them!
  • Hologram can look like Obi Wan, the fictional character of Star Wars!

However, to create a hologram you need an iPhone X with a TrueDepth camera.

The application is free.




Hunter: @lazarescu.irinel


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Thank you very much @geekgirl!

This will surely be fun you know .. I just which the android version of this will come uP on time

Nice product hunt here


  • unique and smart application

  • can make great versions

  • free application


  • none



I believe it a source of fun and is really Is interesting . We cam capture Hd holograms and trace minute details which we normally underestimate as such. But need for an iPhone x as you mentioned will definitely limit its scope .

The application is free to use
You can create holograms of yourself and friends and create many special effects with very little effort
may be used commercially without additional charges
I do not see any cons

Hologram is awesome!! We really need this especially for our loved ones whom are working abroad or any people which are related to you to speak like in person or whatever! This overcome the idea! Great hunt!!

This is truly a great hunt @lazarescu.irinel I love it. Too bad its only available on Iphone..😭😭


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