Anatomy & Physiology - Learn complete Anatomy in Visualy

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Anatomy & Physiology

Learn complete Anatomy in Visualy



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Learning and Teaching Anatomy is not simple process we need to put lot of Hard work to understand each and every part of Human Body.

Because all are sensitive things and connected to each one.

But on using this app Anatomy & Physiology, we reduce all problems because hear they providing 12 chapters with 150 illustrations in 3D formatIMG_20190324_151229_044.jpg.

Also giving 50 seconds short videos for better understanding.

In each image in 3D format we can zoom in, zoom out each part and also we get each part details, scientific names, pronunciation at real timeIMG_20190324_151239_659.jpg

This is best one to understand Anatomy very easily. More details visit the Playstore.


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