7 BRAILLE KEYBOARD - A keyboard app for blind users

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A keyboard app for blind users



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There is lot of visually impaired persons live surrounding us. They face lot of problems in their daily life. Coming to Technology use they are very week, because very few products available in Market which is help us.

Some are very hight cost so they don't buy those.

7 BRAILLE Keyboard app is best choice for visually impaired persons, available for Android also at very low cost.


It in Braily and also supports almost all languages, Auto correction, Editing Text, Sounds all features contain.

Using this visually impaired persons also use mobiles just like us.


More details pls visit the Website




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This keyboard app is very useful for blind people that will definitely solve many problems of their daily life. It enables them to use the mobiles just like normal people that is a great feature of this app.

The thing which impressed me alot is that it's cost is affordable for everyone.even a blind person who is not financially strong can buy and use this.

An inclusive technology like this one is always valuable, the visually impaired are not taking care of enough in technological development, imo. Getting to use the same product as everyone but with this great app is amazing.

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Nice to see products that can provide convenience for blind people. They can find access to information using this tool. Great hunt!

With this blind people can also enjoy technology and interact with it most efficient way possible.

An amazing application for blind people such an interesting apps, this is very helpful for all blind people, thanks for sharing this friend. Very nice hunt!


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