Powertainer - Biomass gasifier for carbon negative energy

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Biomass gasifier for carbon negative energy



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters!

Our daily industrial processes we have very much organic biomass waste, what its often literally waste. This isn't good, and some engineer and scientist think the same, and they worked for the solution. This is the result, the Powertainer, a gasifier and burner, what you can buy very soon!

After the prototype-phase, they has arrive the commercial phase, and the device is for sale soon.

In this semi-short video (~6min), you can watch the details:

Its a modular, mobile power plant, in a standard 20' shipping container, what you can deploy anywhere, without any construction.

Homesteads and farms.
Off the grid locations.
Disaster-stricken areas.
On-field constructions far from infrastructure.
So much use-case. Only the dry biomass is need as "fuel".

The screenshots are from the official page.




Hunter: @kriptonik


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Great hunt. Perfect solution for off the grid villages, in developing countries. Makes waste useful. Terrific.


I'm glad you like it! Thanks for your opinion!

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Thank you for your work!

A modular and self contained power generator is an excellent solution for many uses. The amount of biowaste in many industries is huge, and putting that to good use on site, int=stead of transporting to land fill or processing elswhere is smart. Excellent Hunt.


One company's trash it is treasure for other company :)The cooperation help to the evolving!
Thanks for your comment!

Really innovative. More and more clean environmental solutions keep coming up. I reckon the cleaner energy goals will be achieved a lot sooner than we think


Most of the cases, is not the "clean" is the important, i think. Think about this: you dont need oil from more thousand km-s for electricity, if you have a farm with a little forest, and huge biomass-producing. This mean, the fuel is right there, next to you. Basicly isnt cleanest much, like the fossile oil, but with much less transport and infrastructure-demand, cheaper and cleaner, even if the technology is not a dedicated clean technology. Just carbon-neutral.


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