AVS7 PRO - Aura video station for displaying your aura-energetic data

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Aura video station for displaying your aura-energetic data



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters!

The fact it is, i can't say for 100% sure, it works, and will show you your aura. But it show you something, and imho, we can't be sure that it's not just a scam.

In the traditional remedy, in the eastern cultures, the chakras, auras, meridians and chi are existing, important things. The biophysicists have proved the existence of meridians, but the other things... I really don't know. But if you believe it, this is a cool stuff for you!

Spezialized hardware and software-package for aura-photos, analyzing and assess the results. Maybe you can see those things that you didn't count. Or you can see simple, fun things, with nice colors.

Want you try it?

The screenshots are from the official page.




Hunter: @kriptonik


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Awesome support! Thank you!

no doubt, the aura is a real thing. We are made up of particles. we are emitting more tiny, micro and microparticles of what we made up of or what we collected too. Many many things are affecting human beings, soon the study will develop to enhance in real life for common people. Now, these type of knowledge is in the hands of some sort of groups and peoples. It is a revolution, for ordinary people. One of the great hunt. I wish it must be on some good place in the ranking. but no worries, ranking is not a problem, sharing is the satisfaction. No? now check your aura ..ha...ha...ha..


The aura is real thing imho too, but im not sure, this stuff really can show it :D

I made one of my diploma thesis about the electromagnetic fields using of plantbiology "modifying", and we get some weird results :D So yes, i know, we see only "the tip of the iceberg", especially in human biology.