Golden-I Infinity - A Smart AR Glasses

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Golden-I Infinity

A Smart AR Glasses



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Called the Golden-I Infinity smart device, it is positioned as a device for the B2B marketplace that can interact with existing equipment to offer a small, affordable and suitable solution for AR integration in the workplace. By attaching glasses to the glasses, the consumer can convert them into AR glasses, which will project all the necessary information. In this case, the entire process can be controlled using a smartphone. This means that Golden-I Infinity can remain small, but not loaded with unnecessary components by the device. In this case, the connection to the smartphone is via USB-C.

Thanks to the built-in support for voice control, the device further expands the possibilities of voice interaction, allowing you to manage applications without having to pull the smartphone out of the users pocket. Of course, this interaction tool is still supported and can be used by the user.


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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Wow! That's amazing as it is easy to integrate with any Glasses and easy to connect with our Windows and Mobile devices. Such devices definitely gonna increase the Productivity and it is light weight & It is able to update itself along with time.

It has wise area of use in many field such as Industry and Hospitality. I am sure such technologies going to rock in the field of Mobile Computing Industries.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Though the Google Smart Glasses itself were not that success, they have given the technology industry a path to build similar devices. I see that this one add up some of the great features like- Augmented Reality and Voice Control mechanism. This definitely looks like a promising product.
Amazing Hunt.

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This can be a perfect solution for industrial work. They can get every necessary information anytime in a minute.
This glass is easily integrated with any regular glass. That's the best feature to me!
It also understand voice command and can Controlled by mobile. What a great innovation.
Great hunt for sure.


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