Boya - A 6 Educational Robot

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A 6 Educational Robot



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I present you a very good educational robot called Boya which allows to introduce some notions of robotics to your children. It contains 361 parts, including camera, compass, 8 smart engines and other sensors. Its smart modules offer users the opportunity to build their robots in a quick and easy way.


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Hey this is really awesome. Because for this in our children will know many things.Also they will be eager about these matter so eagerly. Also this have really so many good feature.thanks a lot


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Kids would love to learn about robotics with this eye catching robot.

Kids would love to learn
About robotics with this
Eye catching robot.

                 - venzam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sometimes, I wonder how much one has to spend on children's educational toys. This is another awesome one which I will bookmark. Making like the 20th now

Another great way of introducing robotics and coding to kids without compromising the fun and entertainment of kids. Fun while playing with Boya will keep kids interest in game as a result they will learn alot about basic science, robotics and coding. Such a gadgets will enhance kids creativity and will make them ready for future challenges in life

A great find help for learning and educational purpose. All parts help to grow kids mental level, which means built your own robot

Actually, Boya looks more simple than other children's educational robots that I have seen in Steemhunt. However, I am interested in how it works which provides a variety of unique concepts.

Robot involvement in education is definitely a good idea and kids would love to learn this way. This way learning will be more interactive and fun. Nice find

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. Robots helps every field in our life. This robot looks so impressive. kids really like it. Robots helps our kids to learn very easily. This robot is best friend of our kids. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

For making better kids education, it would be a great one robot. Kids love to learn with proper entertainment. Hopefully kids learn basically how to play with robots.

Wao. Leave children, even I want this robot. With so many parts, the options are limitles. This can really prove quite intriguing and helping in children's learning and mental development.
Great hunt!!!

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, Making familiar with robotics and related concept to the kids is really a great initiative for kids and it will bring more innovation in the future. The Kit is perfect choice for that.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

@kouba01, what a cool hunt. As an educator, I support these great tools for kids to learn easily. This robot will certainly be interactive for kids to learn quickly while they are having fun. What a great way to learn in their play. Great hunt.

The educational robot is quite useful for kids learning to code with playing with a robot. Parents should aware children from this technology then they can get cool experience and learn easily.

Yep. Another robotic tutoring bot? It just keeps getting amazing. I'll try to see if I can build one myself before finding out if my future kids would do it, lol!

its like Ultimate robot with every stationary in it . 361 parts and 8 smart engine would be too much costy ? but as far as kids education is concerned people should really buy it for there kids these are kinda necessary these days what do you say ? ....!

Very impressive educational hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted

why all robotic technology is for kids? like every second robotic technnology, we see for kids. Well seems pretty cool and kids are lucky nowadays i must say.

The world is really shifting and taking kids along with it. It's cool though, introducing them to stem and robotics is an awesome idea. I want one for myself even. Nice hunt hunter

Wow. Amazing design bring learning way and introduces some innovation due to its parts assembly.

This Educational Robot named as Boya is an impressive innovation which will help kids to learn in an interactive way. Nice one

Really cool product and no doubt it's great to learn basic robotics / stem education and also provide playful learning experiences in addition due to reasonable price it ensure that robotics is accessible for everyone. Excellent Search

Yuhh I think I'll buy it to my chikd when he become a little elder!

This hunt is today best hunt I have seen and this will play an important role in the future for children. It is very good for children

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This seems to be a fun way to introduce children to robotics. @kouba01
Interesting Hunt.