Google Home - Bringing Google to your home. A hands-free entertainment

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Google Home

Bringing Google to your home. A hands-free entertainment


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Hunter's comment

I am sure you used Google in your everyday life. Searching the web, checking your Gmail, using a Google Map. How about bringing the whole Google to your home and let it be your Personal Assistant? Now you can!

Introducing Google Home

One of the most talked about product in 2017, the Google Home allows you to speak voice commands to interact with the various Google services through Google's Intelligent Personal Assistant, known as Google Assistant.

What it does?

  • Tell Google Home to play your favourite Netflix shows
  • Tell Google Home to play your favourite album
  • Tell Google Home to show you your favourite photos
  • Tell Google Home to track your calendar
  • Tell Google home to show you today's news
  • And many many more...


  • A slick and cool design
  • Clean touch pad for total control
  • Far-field voice recognition for hands-free use
  • High excursion speaker for HI-FI sound
  • Modular design for customization
  • Connect and group multiple Google Home for synchronized playback of music in every room
  • Home automation to control every connected device
  • And many many more...

The price

$189, ships worldwide



Hunter: @klw

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Thanks for your hunt, @klw. I have reviewed it and approved it.


Thank you so much!

automating tasks is always good

design could be better


  • Automation and convenience at its finest and also with the help of Google AI


  • Promoting Laziness. lol!

Woah!!! Great hunt...


  • Cool features
  • Design fits on the office and home
  • Can help make life of busy people easier.
  • Very useful in offices or even at home.


  • Longivity of product quality
  • Might have a problem in detecting voice commands especially in open places or noisy surroundings.

I got a Google mini for a friend's birthday! I hope he likes it.


Cool! I'm sure he will find it useful!

Woah this is a great hunt!


  • everything will be made easier for you
  • integrated house system
  • affordable considering the technology that it is giving


  • It will only make a lazier person laziest XD

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  • varieties of features
  • something to do on your boring days
  • reasonable price


I can't think of any :) looks awesome!