Mai Vang City - Covering 1500 hectares of dry areas in Central of Vietnam

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Mai Vang City

Covering 1500 hectares of dry areas in Central of Vietnam



Hunter's comment

This is not only blockchain based project but working hardly for nature and environment. It is took place in central area of Vietnam. It is Planting 1500 hectares of forest, Job opportunities for local resident, Power by blockchain and MVC smart contract.


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Great project for support nature and environment build with blockchain technology. We need more and more to expand in this world for make earth shining again also everyone can get the benefit from blockchain

This is a seriously ambitious project. I ope they'll be ale to achieve all the good things they wish to gain trough the project. The blockchain tech is in this legal grey area in many of the developing countries. Hope the project won't get screwed by some government.

The smart contacts can establish a lot of trust and it's always great to see more job opportunities given instead of welfare checks :)

A city of future powered by block chain. I hope it is sustainable and has clean city.
Blockchian can solve many community problems from Land record to medical services.
A futuristic project indeed.

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Awesome Hunt!
I love such initiate and Blockchain is doing great and the best thing is it also contributing in the development of Nature.

What value add is blockchain doing in this? Marketing to get (dumb) capital?

Nice S:H


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