Atmos Vacuum Canister - Keep coffee fresh for longer

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Atmos Vacuum Canister

Keep coffee fresh for longer



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Hunter's comment

Oxygen makes coffee stale and deprives your coffee to its full potential. Before enjoying the entire package, Atmos eliminates air, moisture and odors and prevents the beans from aging. The integrated vacuum pump draws in air to prevent oxidation and extends the shelf life of the coffee to 50%.



Hunter: @khushiarvind

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Very good canister with its integrated vaccum pump to keep always fresh your coffee. And the design in black stainless steel is looking great. A must for coffee lovers. Great hunt @khushiarvind

The full name of the product is:

Atmos Vacuum Canister

Can you please edit it and reply to this comment after you are done?

Thank you.


Thanks for approve. Good day

I could not understand what your trying to say in your hunt. I do can understand the Hot Coffee kept for longer period of time and of cause the Title.

Nonetheless, if it does, great hunt indeed, to keep your coffee longer and hot.