HidnSeek - The revolutionary GPS tracking device…

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The revolutionary GPS tracking device…



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Hunter's comment

Hidenseek is a GPS tracker that is truly smart and it will always be able to help you locate anything no matter where they are...and i also found out that there is no gsm fee charged when you use the device..




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This looks like an interesting game.anyhow i love its characteristics.this is the needy one.I think now there is no need to waste time to search things which are lost this tracker can help to search easily.

This is a really good gps tracking system that can be used to track a number of important things. You could track vehicles, pets and even kids! It can be used for business and even for tracking your husband or wife! lol

Amazing hunt @kennedisola and this is what I think. HidnSeek will be usefull becuase we often misplace lots of things from car keys, to other things. Using this device, it will be far more easier to location lost stuff fast.

Yes, its looking small but I think this is very powerful device for our safety and security purpose. Because every time we are feel worried about smart things and our pets, also our kidz. By using this gps tracking device we can easily find them with very quickly. GOOD HUNT

This is an extremely helpful solution for people who lease out things to others. This way, they can always keep a track of where their items are and be alerted in case it is outside the permissible ranges. Not to forget, it is of great utility to prevent against stealing of your valuables too.
Nice Hunt.

wow this really useful. now this time safety and security is very important issue for lead to our comfortable life. hope this device helpful for proper tracking. thanks to share this.

This is very kool tech. I'm intrigued as I'd love to put one of these in my son's back pack for that O' shIt moment right?! Nice and thanks for letting it be known!

This GPS tracker is an awesome one. This is the device which everyone need in many circumstances.I think this is helping those whp forgot again and again about their things.

Pretty cool. GPS has really made our lives more convenient, do you remember printing out sheets when you needed directions for a new place?! Those days are long gone, cool hunt

For me, a solution with important security / privacy flaws.
The main danger lies in the fact that a seller of 'hardware' becomes a data master who does not look at it in any way.
Not to mention the problems of captivity, the subscription and the network used (coverage not guaranteed or less than standard GSM networks).