Nubia-α - A wearable smartphone

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A wearable smartphone



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Nubia is one of the leading modern smartphones producers with the headquarter in China which was founded in 2012. And since then the company has been producing stylish and more innovative smartphones to meet the desires of modern users.

Recently Nubia has surprised the world with its wearable smartphone prototype called Nubia- Alpha . And the company also claims it will start selling the product later this year in China.

Nubia is an Android-powered gadget or a wearable cellphone in company's word. We will soon be able to wrap/wear a modern smartphone around our wrist with flexible display and can use all the functionalities we are using on regular smartphones in the market.

Watch this introductory video.



Hunter: @katteasis

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Hi @katteasis, I couldn't actually find the Nubia alpha on the website you linked. Could you please add in the exact page this product is on? Please update using the Steemhunt Edit function in the Steemhunt app.


hello @urbangladiator,thanks for the comment I first read about this here, and the youtube video I submitted here has only link to the which is the company behind this project so I submitted the same link. I also tried to find the actual product link but couldn't. the project is still a this invalid?

No, not at all... but we do need to see a link to the prototype from the Official website. Otherwise it could just be a concept that some random person has created.
Is there anything official from Nubia on this?

Hi @katteasis - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 3. Product Link

Unfortunately only the websites specified in Guideline Number 3 are allowed on Steemhunt.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.

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That thing is huge