Chwazi Finger Chooser - Aiding choice by the show of your middle finger

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Chwazi Finger Chooser

Aiding choice by the show of your middle finger


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Hunter's comment

I had to think a lot to come up with a short description for this. Still haven't done justice. However, I think this app is absolutely fun, silly and brilliant.

Ever been in a group and couldn't pick someone for a task? Say for example, your group is arranging a get together or an office event or a fun night out (think potluck) and wants to assign different tasks to people. Chwazi will make those choices.

Open Chwazi, let all put a finger on the screen and Chwazi will randomly pick someone. Lol, that's it. It's so silly, but so effective.

In case of any plagiarism is found, my comment is original but the inspiration and source of any matching text is here

Also all possibly relevant pics from the same source have been added


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Nice app for the inevitable situation where you need to choose one in your group to do something. And people always blame you...why you asked them???
In this way the app can take care of the choices and only mathematical probability is to be blamed.

Exactly.. you need an app to blame when decision flops

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Thanks @dayleeo!

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