Car Hunters - Steemhunt, but for real-world car hunting

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Car Hunters

Steemhunt, but for real-world car hunting


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Hunter's comment

Love cars? You'll love this. Gather your mates, and hunt real cars in the real-world. Complete quests or just share what made your jaw drop. Or just explore and see detailed info about autos you dig.


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Great gift for the car lovers who loves to explore variety of car. It will not only enhance knowlege about car but it will also provide a platform to interact with car lovers around the world

Yeah, think car lovers will like it

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Car hunter sounds like a place to find innovative things and Ideas about cars without rewards like SH. I think its for the people who are car lover they won't expect any reward in return. Nice hunt.

Yeah, that's what it is! Thanks for commenting

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Awesome ONe!
You mean it is dedicated platform like Steemhunt where can share about cars or our experience with particular Car? :thinking:
Are we going to get any incentive for doing that and how it could be useful for other people?
Thank YOu and Have a GooD DaY!

No, there is no free steem or car tokens. It's i think just meant for car nerds to have fun once in a while. It's like steemhunt as in it involves hunting.

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Yup! Seems interesting for Free people :grinning: or anyone who is interesting sharing experience with the world.

Wow earning rewards for doing car quests that's great loved this approach and it's quite new as i haven't gone through something like this.

Car is something that everyone likes and this app seems like we need to do quest and earn rewards. Seems like a steemhunt kind of platform but only dedicated to car lovers.

Impressive Hunt


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Not sure what the point of this is really. I can't see this taking off as most mates would rather go out and have a drink or something. Have no idea who thought of this and is a bit like car spotting.

May be the hunting aspect flops. But it's AI can detect make and year of the car. May be it can become useful or evolve as a tool for used car purchases. Idk. And surely people like cars, maybe some of them will enjoy this.

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Didn't think of the upside hunting for a car purchase maybe. That would make more sense for this app then.


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I really could have used this about three months ago when I was looking for a new truck to buy. I was in an unfortunate circumstance that I had to replace my truck on the spur of the moment. I really wish I could have used something like this. I like the concept and it seems like it would be a cool app, especially for car lovers. Thanks for sharing. Nice hunt!

Excuse me but this app with hunting for cars reminds me pokemon chasing and quests for me makes it more closer to Reviwhunt platform! 😉

You're right, its like Pokemon go! Haha

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That's an innovative platform. People have a huge interest in cars and I have seen my husband and his friends to gossip about cars for hours. I hope they will enjoy this.
Nice find!

Great, i am sure some people will like this. I'm glad you know one person.

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Car Hunters is gamified, next level car spotting. Looks like fun. @karamyog
A cool Hunt for car lovers.