Space Station Xplorer - Let's learn about ISS by experiments and activities

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Space Station Xplorer

Let's learn about ISS by experiments and activities

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Hunter's comment

Hello friends, presenting here in today's an amazing app named Space Station Research Xplorer. Developed by Nasa the app is great for learning about ISS with the help of experiments and activities.


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Thank you @kamchore for the introduction to this unique Space Research platform.

So much in the news about the Space Sphere lately....this would seem to be able to bring one up to date quickly.

Looking forward to giving it a study.

Cool Hunt!


Great hunt @kamchore! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Wow. That is an amazing find about space station research xplorer. With this app anyone can get learning about ISS. It will be amazing to see when you find your research h with help of experiments.

This is so new to me so first i had to search about ISS. :P then i came to know about it that it is one of the space technologies. Well, a great app in order to get all information related to international space. cool finding

This is an awesome way to learn basics about ISS, by doing an experiment thy will learn easily. It gives uséful information that a person can use for this purpose.

Learning about space is always interesting and people love to know more about it. Seems NASA is now working towards giving more informaiton to people so that they can learn and understand more about our Space Sphere. Impressive Hunt.

learning is really very good for everyone but when there is talk about space and other related stuff it is really great thing. This app can help us to learn about space we can gather information about space station research work .
Great find on the web

Very nice hunt. There are lots of people interested in space tech and this can help us keep in touch with advances in space tech and research being done by NASA

What a wonderful educational tool for those interested in space. Great Hunt!

A great app to explore about the ongoing and planned activities and projects in ISS. Millions of curious people would know about the new exploration and space horizons beyond their reach. Well done.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really awesome to learn and explore even Our University participated in the Nasa App Space and I was also there and I had a great fun. The UI of this application looks interesting as it has dark background and useful resource to explore.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Great hunt dear friend
This is an awsome application through which we can learn about ISS easily. The app teaches in a unique way by doing experiments and practically.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow , I didn’t see that coming . I am really enthusiastic about this great stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing hunter great job

I saw a hunt about nasa image of the earth from sapce daily few days ago anf now we have a space station explorer. More innovations like this and people can become astronauts without having to visit space. Cool hunt

I recently seen a hunt where Nasa made it easy accessible images daily so happy that now NASA is working towards making people aware about space. Nice hunt


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