Dropzone 3 - Mac app,quickly move, launch & upload files to many services

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Dropzone 3

Mac app,quickly move, launch & upload files to many services


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Hunter's comment

In today's hunt I would like to share an amazing app on MAC named DropZone 3 for MAC system.. The app helps you to launch application, copy files and upload file to many location.

After uploading a file, Dropzone will automatically put the URL on your clipboard ready for pasting into another app

It is super easy to use. All you need to do is drag file and action window will open asking for the action select the action as your need. Job done.
For more info check website




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Wow.We can use it for our many work.
We need that's type website for many work.Its have so good feature.

  • copy fles
  • launch aplication.
  • its ready url in clipbboard for past.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this helpfull website.
    Keep it up...

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A cool app with lots of great specifications
•It's very easy to use
•Copy links and files instantly
•Files can be uploaded to any required location



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