Railless autonomous train - The world's first railless train unveiled in

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Railless autonomous train

The world's first railless train unveiled in



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China unveiled the world's first railless train that runs on virtual track. The autonomous vehicle runs with speed of 70km/h and can carry 500 people at a time.

This railless autonomous train will be one of the great transit vehicle for urban mobility in the future




Hunter: @jyoti-thelight


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hmmm, virtual track, that's kinda interesting to me. i'd love to see what the track actually was made up off...

Hi @jyoti-thelight,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it.

Please make sure that the short descriptions fits/makes sense in future hunts.

This is how the future will be a great contribution from china. this can change the future. The best thing is that it saves money we don,t need the setup the railway track for the train. But one thing in my mind is how it runs on virtual track ? This is the most stupid question ever because mostly no one knows the answer of the question

This is indeed a good advancement in the world's technology.
•It's saves time.
•Aids the movement of people, goods and services much faster
•High risk of accident

It's very impressive. I think what make ot special is that it can move without rail. I think it could improve our life! I reallu like it. Thank you for sharing!

I wondered about the project, I went to the website to review it. I guess I did not open it. But they did a beautiful train project. A very good train with a capacity and speed of five hundred people. I hope it will be improved and it will be a solution to the problem of transportation.

A railless train, that is awesome .. This will shock the transport world .. Its gonna be cool to see something like this soon .. Cool hunt

Technology improves very fast. Can't imagine a train without rail can comes true. I have a philosophy question. If a train is not running on a rail, can it call train?

Building rails will cause many cost and also problems for roads so its difficult to switch to trains for cities. This one doesn't need rails so it can be applied to cities. It will improve the people transport. 500 people capacity gives you a good range for large cities. I liked this one so great hunt. Good luck

Wow, a train that doesn't require rails is really new to me. Eventhough it only moves at 70km/h, slow to my opinion, but it is really effective to cut off the cost required by a conventional train. Great hunt.

Interesting hunt. I check their web, since this post got me interested in. What is writen there that it have rubber tires, not rails, and it is power by battery.

This means that it is basically a long bus, with different configuration of tires.

The main advantage of train vs bus is

  • carry more wait
  • less friction

Both of these are because of the metal wheel and metal track.

Metal wheel can take bigger loads than rubber, and the friction between metal wheel and metal track is much less than asphalt to rubber tire, resulting in more efficient transport.

So not exactly the same thing, but I guess it is better than today's solution.

The Train of the future. All that we've been seeing on sci-fi movies are gradually coming to reality. Great hunt.

China is leading the world in innovation and tech, so many cool and innovative products coming out of there recently. From the worlds fast commercial train to the new Tesla factory opening up. China is surpassing the US in more ways than one

This is awesome. Kudos to you for searching and presenting such hunts. Well done and I Hope our nation also adopts it

Wow this is definitely the future of urban transportation. The train looks good and it will be a good way to travel.

We are seeing advancements on every level. It is really fun to watch. Something like this could make mass transit in any city a lot easier. Couple that with environmentally friendly and we could be seeing a massive shift is the transportation of people business.

Super hunt! And again it are the Chinese implementing things we in Europe and North America are talking about for ages and still debating about. Copycat China is growing with enormous speed.

This vehicle will change the future of transport.

Railless train- This is what makes any country save cost, save time and speed up productivity. This will also result in better road conditions, free from pits, improving overall health condition. Great hunt.

Your train is great. In which it runs on a track.
Great Hunt

As much I love innovation I. Technology and automobile I am scare of the con of this product

I love the idea of hidden rail way in the road but it possible not to know its a rail way and can be disastrous

What an interesting innovation to the regular mass transit trains. I wonder how safe they are, given that they don't have rails to guide them. Nonetheless, if they work, it could really change mass transportation, as we know it. Imagine all the space that could be freed-up for roads when we no longer have to build rails for our trains. Or all the routes that can be opened without having to wait years to build a subway system. Great find!

This is amazing @jyoti-thelight.

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