doodlespot - An Interactive Way to Transform our Kids Draws into Art

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An Interactive Way to Transform our Kids Draws into Art



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doodlespot is an app that will allow us to take all the drawings, strokes and paintings made by our little ones and transform them into authentic digital art pieces with an automation module that will turn each work into perfect paintings. The app is able to scan all the drawings of our little ones and give us the tools to give them an even genius touch.


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This is so adorable. Parents always love when a kid paints something. Purest form of creativity. Love the idea that it can be converted into art.

COOL! Some parents love to save their kids' paintings in frames as a memory. Now there is an app they got to take print all of the random draws. Loved it..

Nice Hunting!

so lovely Ummm just love it. Yep, my mum still keeping our kgs artwork and when we see we laugh out loud that is this. hehe. I guess every parent should do this and of course, i am gonna do this i will keep their drawings into digital form. And a great way to show your deep love to your kid. very nice hunt

Interesting idea and I love it. I had done something similar to this with my nephew "Ali", but that wasn't this much refine. Believe me, this is an amazing experience.

Nice and innovative hunt for the kids and they can learn and enjoy the creativity. Worth trying.

Cool Hunt

Great hunt! This is really a perfect app for transforming a simple drawing into digital art and this app will more flourish the drawings with different module pretty cool nice find

As a mother I always try the ways to make my kid creative and learn. This one seem to be good option that I can try for sure. Nice find.

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Doodlespot is an amazing app that turns your kids drawings into wonderful art. With this aap you can celebrate the creativity of your child and decore your home.

Very nice way leads kids improvement in their artwork. It can help then how to draw perfectly. Hopefully kids know about it and get this to learn directly. Nice hunt

Beautiful ides , this thing can create really good work , give life you your kids work and make them live forever . Very good hunt my friend

WoW looks pretty cool and free of charge app & i really like it coz it not only save and organize our kids drawings but it also allow kids to create unique and striking artworks from the comfort of their own home pretty amazing. Overall this app should make it easy to keep track of all the kids drawings. Excellent Find

This is pretty amazing
The kids would really love this.
Seeing their work in the digital form would make them improve on their drawings.

Parents who have toddlers who like to draw are suitable to use this application, we all know that children's imagination is great, a lot of works that they can make, with Doodlespot, their work will become more artistic.


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This can really promote the children's creativity and inspire them to think out of the box.
Nice hunt.

This is an interesting app for the kidz which can enhance their creativity and encouraging them by transforming their drawing in beautiful art.
Thanks for sharing with us.

There are so many beautiful drawings nowadays through apps and these links are just as beautiful to look at and all of them are very nice to see drawing, so this is very important to come for this drawing so thank you for sharing.

This is a beautiful app that transforms hand drawn art into beautiful digital arts. Kids will love it the digital version and this will motivate them to keep drawing. Thanks for sharing


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