Chiara - Improve your communication skills with Virtual Reality

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Improve your communication skills with Virtual Reality



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Hunter's comment

Chiara is an educative app for Virtual Reality headset that help you to improve your communication skills, using VR technology to display virtual audience in a virtual conference hall. If you have a problem with public speaking or stage fright, this app could be pretty much helpful to build up your self-confidence.

Chiara would analyze your speech aspects that influence communication, providing you with a personalized training through a virtual coach and all techniques you might need to improve where you need it most.


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Wow, this is really great. The future is truly now. I watched the video and i got to know that your learning experience will be in so different environment. With more than 620 environment to learn from, i think this app will definitely give us that ideal confidence we need to act in the real world.

Someone like me that is so shy needs this to get my confidence back on pint. Can i get to know what the price might cost @jossey?

Anyway thanks for the great hunt

I feel great today because I see the development of VR technology. I like this because education can improve the deficiencies a person has using VR. When I stand in front of an audience, my heart beats faster and I'm nervous about what to say. Through this device I will be able to rid myself of this fear. But we've seen so many VR devices, and from a hardware standpoint, there still seem to be a lot of issues to be improved. I think VR devices should be developed quickly that do not obscure our view and not heavy, and do not damage our hairstyles. Anyway, thank you for hunting good products.

Cool Hunt !

Hello @jossey, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, There is no doubt that AR/VR technologies are doing great job in our daily life to make our life more better. This is very helpful tool for Students or person who is preparing for any job interview as it provide us a virtual environment of HR team. Personally I need this device because my communication skill is poor and when I go for public speaking my confidence goes down and start making silly Mistakes... :blush:

I am working nowadays to improve my confidence and public speaking because I think if we don't have any Tech Skill however if we have awesome Communication skill of influencing people we can survive easily.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

That would be a nice way to improve our communication skills with the experience of virtual reality. In that way, we can be able to boost inner self-confidence while chatting with other peoples.

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Good communication skill is key to success. Unfortunately majority of people find it difficult to communicate in public gathering due to unknown fear. It is a well known fact that expressive people easily win the heart of people. On the other side fear doesn't overcome with out practice.
Chiara is an amazing virtual reality app which gives you feeling of virtual audience while your speaking. It is a great way to over come your fear and have excellent communication skill.

Communication skill is as important as food for living a happy powerful life. This is a real success if you want success in your life then you badly need to learn communication skill. It's important in every matter of life.

Without communicating with others, you can survive well. There are huge examples of communication skills. Many of the richest people are now successful with their sales marketing and this only happens when you are good at communication and convincing people to your product.

So, this app would be a great help in order to improve communication skill in Virtual reality. That would be a great rich experience. Nice Hunting! Congrats on getting a huge vote from steemhunt before time. Keep it up

Recently I notice VR emphaise on presentation, teaching and communication. It's really good for our community.
@jossey good hunt dear. Keep up your good job.

Great ... another wonderful application of virtual reality for getting better in daily life skills, and I must say, an important skill.

Most of us just need a little push for having a good communication skill and Chiara is doing far more than that.

Nice sharing, @jossey.

Not confident is the reason most people are not able to stand up and speak in public. They need practice that can help them reduce their confidence. One of them with Chiara. With VR technology, I believe this application is very helpful to foster self-confidence.

Great hunt!

wow indeed cool innovation VR tech is seriously rocking truly loved the way they are inventing awesomely awesome techs like Chiara yep it would be a great help for shy people everyone knows how to talk but the thing matters is how to talk with others so really cool ....

Virtual environment can be a very good workplace to improve our real-life skills.

Communication skills is one of the best asset that you can bring because not everyone have guts to talk in front of the audience or people publicly. With this vr, you will enhance your communication skills more and more and talk the way you like.

If this online VR course is as effective as the real world courses are, that this would be a helpful tool for anyone who need to develop his communication skills and still choose where and when he will enter the virtual world in order to practice. Instead of imaging people in front of you and practice public speaking or improving your communication skills, now it is possible with this awesome app! Great hunt!

Just yesterday we had a trending hunt presentation visualizer which addresses stage freight through VR. Now we have this one. VR has now really become part of today's world.

This one in particular will be helpful in improving communication skills because many are having challenges facing a crowd.

Nervousness is the one that most peoples experience when on stage in front of a huge audience one could memorize their speech by heart but the moment they realize the audience in front of them every thing they know might melt down by fear as a matter of fact even 2 to 3 peoples can get you tense the only solution to the problem is practice.

I am glad this VR app makes this happen for users, it transport users to auditorium filled with audience or allow users to group discussion with peoples practice responding to penalists all in all it takes users from stage fright to stage confidence this app definitely strengthen users roots. Awesome Search

A great learning platform to improve your communication skills. In modern world communication is more importin for develop your professional career. And this tool is a great help for you to improve and shine in your field.
Nice hunt

Incredible Hunt! You know something well but you can't explain it with others because of weak communication skills but this is a great way to improve your communications skills with the help of virtual reality

Excellent hunt from you

Really very useful for improving communication skills through VR.

Now a days communication skills play a major role in our profession, with out this skills we don't achieve good position.

This app helps a lot.

Thanks for sharing.

Good communication through VR. It is awesome. I realy love the VR techniques.

in this time every system should be improving and changing. actually presentation and communication is very important for every person and students. actually if you use this device hopefully you must be benefited for your professional and study carrier. i also choice this. thanks to share.

I have seen many types of products like this but i really found that this is one of the best products of VR i have seen. Using this, We can easily able to increase our communication skills. We can also easily communicate and thus win the cheer of the person we are speaking to. Thus this is good and easy to improve our communication skills.
Great Search and great innovative hunting.@jossey

VIrtual reality amazed me every day because of its attached with many other technologies. Though Chiara VR people can improve their Communication skills. Nice sharing

This gets me excited about VR, I like apps that allow us to interact in a VR setting. It will be a great tool for everyone. Great Hunt

It is an awesome hunt.
Improving communication skills through virtual reality.that's an awesome.

Everyone wants to increase their communication skills,but if it be possible with virtual reality.that's gonna be a great thing

best app i have ever seen which will help allot of people who want to go out side the country and cannot speak good English this will help them allot .

@jossey this is so interesting and a cool product. This is great for people who are shy or are nervous and they can try to build up their confidence with this virtual reality to exercise their communication skills. This is so needed these days because people only know how to text messages but they do not know how to communicate in a relational manner that is engaging. Should try this one.

Would sure a perfect tool for people like me lol. While I can handle few around me in public speaking but not that much number of people but seems like with the usage of it this could really be an efficient tool to get over the stage fright of a person and could improve in speaking publicly as well. Perfect hunt liked it very much.

Communication skill is one skill that cannot be overemphasized, it's really very important to us as individuals and people who have official positions.
Thanks for sharing this

It is good product because communication is most important for the success in life. It has a key role in the life. Great hunt.


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I would be a real help for many people. This VR tech can improve our presentation skill, public speaking skill and could help us to develop our communication in real life.
It will give us the real feeling of speaking with people and we can speak to them on real time.
That's great. Great hunt.