Horizon - AI Smart Glasses Created to Assist & Help Blind People

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AI Smart Glasses Created to Assist & Help Blind People



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Horizon is an intelligent eyewear that has an AI system that will give people who are blind or visually impaired the opportunity to move around and look at the world again in a different way as the lenses become their eyes. Basically the lenses will act as a system of assisted guidance that will allow the blind to move in a safer way, plus the lenses also have the ability to recognize faces and objects without forgetting that they can be configured to automatically convert text into audio.




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What a great way to help the differently abled. It brings the object recognition AI and natural language AI together to assist people. Prices aren't the best but I'm sure with enough tech development these things will become affordable for most people like what happened with smartphones.

I don't see any mention about the product being equipped to handle low light conditions such as the night or a darker place/room. The is some area that can actually be improved.

Awesome Hunt 😎

In the early 1990s we have started to seeing the science fiction film tools now in our lives :) With such tools, we can strengthen many features in our body.

Finally, I can see AI helping in the medical industry as well. It will be a great opportunity for the visionless persons of our society to get more self-dependent with the help of these glasses.

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Glad to see this device can help blind people to do activities like normal people. How much does it cost?

This is a great innovation to help who have limited vision.
This glass have AI, it can recognize faces and objects, turn them from text to audio! Blind people can see the world in their way easily.
This can help them move by their own without others help.
Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

Really excellent and smart device we can say. This is the best solution and best use of science and technology. We want this kind of gadgets for our daily needs. If a blind people come out to street and Start walking outside then we are always worry about them but if they use this eyewear then they will not be harmed in anyway as it has the airport system and can tell your way to walk .Appreciated 👌

Great Hunt...
We have AI assisted smart glasses for blind people now. AI assistance can go a long way in proving the utility of these glasses. AI can auto recognise things, remember people and learn new thing...


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