ByssWeather for Wear OS - Weather and Radar for Wear OS (Android Wear)

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ByssWeather for Wear OS

Weather and Radar for Wear OS (Android Wear)




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This application is fabulous for any individual who needs a running refresh on the climate for the day. With nine unique faces, there are huge amounts of choices in how your climate is shown, what data you get, and how you get it.

Display a simple watch with little helping weather information and Material Design style modern.

You can check directly if rain is coming, specifically on your wrist.

An alternative to utilizing extraordinary low power, low bit mode on every gadget.

Very suitable for a man style
may be battery life that is not durable



Hunter: @johnrenald

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congrats you are [verified]

seems a lot to pay for an app per year just for weather on a watch when most have them have it baked in! but hey ho, everyone gotta get paid right? :)

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love — some power tips — use animated gifs up to 10mb, quote some of the text, write your opinions and tell us about everyday use if you have one — don’t forget to comment pro and cons on other peoples hunts too! ;)

if you need help reach out to — @teamhumble, @dayleeo, @fknmayhem, @folken, @urbangladiator and i’m sure one of the mods will be able to help you get everything sorted.


Check your weather in depth
Is rain on the way? When, where and how much, etc?
Easy to access
Nine different faces
Very appropriate for male wearable


Battery life may not be durable


Yap, it is very simpe. Use and go without worry about the weather

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