Pureit Copper⁺ RO - Seven stage dual water purifier

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Pureit Copper⁺ RO

Seven stage dual water purifier


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¨Pureit¨ ¨Copper¨⁺ ¨RO¨ It is a device designed to purify and provide water of extreme quality, thanks to its seven filtering processes, MF, UV, RO and its additional copper charge that filter impurities such as salts , pesticides, metals, bacteria, viruses and other organisms harmful to health.

Source: https://www.pureitwater.com/IN/pureit-water-purifiers/pureit-copper-ro

The advanced dual system allows users to select the type of water they want to drink, water with a normal ¨ reverse reverse osmosis filtration system or the copper charging system, in this aspect the device doses the right amount of copper in each measure of water .

Built in elegant quality materials, which makes an all-terrain, ideal to be installed anywhere in your home. Its filtering capacity is twenty-eight liters of water per hour, with a storage capacity of up to eight liters.




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I already have a RO filter but this one seems much better than the one I have, maybe it's time for an upgrade. I like the idea of the copper as a copper charging system to electrify the water and make it better for us to drink. Very cool water filter!

@moderndayhippie Hello dear friend good day.
It's good to know that you protect yourself from the water you consume, I hope you can update your device proto. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences on these devices
I wish you a great day

Oh! my God this is great pureit, its work by seven stage. Great features on the Pureit Copper⁺ RO, also noted that its capable to filter per hour twenty-eight liters waters.

Love this great innovation system. Cuz we know that every year a larges numbers peoples die due to lacking of pure water. Great Hunt

@hafizullah hello dear friend happy day
I share your words, this device has many attributes that improve the water in which it drinks, without doubt it is ideal for places where there is no drinking water.
Thank you very much for your time of visit

•It's a unique water purification system
•Unlike other systems it has five great water filtering processes
•It can filters up to 28 liters in an hour
•Have a good storage capacity of 8 liters

@prechyrukky hello dear friend, I appreciate that you have stopped and shared your opinion about my product. Thank you
I wish you a wonderful day

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@fknmayhem Thank you very much for visiting and approving my search
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I have seen the commercial on TV for few days and thinking to hunt this. But you did it first. 😀
Copper filtering system is one of the ancient tradition. It really can enhance the water condition and make it healthy. Great find!

@ rem-steem Hello dear friend, thank you very much for stopping and sharing your opinion. Luckily these types of devices are in full growth, are leaving many new brands of products that make water a wonder.
I wish you a great day

Hi dear , Its very good stuff & steem hunt. I like the idea behind this app is great, I have never know it yet, but the concept is cool. Its really wonderful and keep it nice sharing always. You did awesome work.

@nayyabsipra hello dear friend
Thank you very much for appreciating, supporting and pondering my search. you are very gentle
I wish you a great day

When coming to water and contamination there isn't enough filtering. But the Pureit (copper which is one metal that I like) might solve this problem with no less than 7 purification stages. Great purifier!

@nygma I really appreciate your time in visiting and commenting on my search. you are very getil
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