HRP-3 Promet MK-II - Autonomous humanoid robot designed for daily work

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HRP-3 Promet MK-II

Autonomous humanoid robot designed for daily work



Hunter's comment

What was once fiction and only seen in movies on the big screen, today is a reality, robot freeing people from forced tasks, thanks to the company "Kawada"

The ¨HRP-3 Promet MK-II¨ is a humanoid robot designed for real tasks and working in the same environment as any person, however it is designed to free people from heavy loads, unwanted tasks or catastrophes as a rescuer removes Debris, even in the rain.

The humanoid robot ¨HRP-3¨ is designed to work in adverse and demanding situations, which makes possible its design to test everything, ("dust or splash") water or any other liquid that can transmit moisture. It has an autonomy of two continuous hours of work, ideal to work as a construction worker.




Hunter: @jlufer

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