Capzule - Application designed for personal health record

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Application designed for personal health record



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I know nobody is thinking about an accident or a medical emergency. In an emergency, it is best to be prepared. ¨CAPZULE¨ It is ideal to keep all your medical information.

¨CAPZULE¨ It is an application designed to store all your data and medical records. Your medical information always at hand. Ideal for medication reminders, or notification of user conditions.

The application of ¨CAPZULE¨ is safe to use, is always protected and will request ¨authentication of tactile identification¨, the forms and texts created will be protected by passwords, the created documents can be rewritten.

You have the possibility to share information with loved ones, visualize the progress of health through graphics, send or receive information to the doctor, view historical data of diseases and consult doctor's shifts.



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