ExoHiker - Exoskeleton Lets You Carry Heavy Loads

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Exoskeleton Lets You Carry Heavy Loads



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Moving heavy loads was never so easy with this impressive exoskeleton, called ExoHiker, that the user can support and move a weight of up to 150 pounds without running out. In particular, it is a considerably silent innovation and allows the user to drive for 42 miles at an average speed of 2.5 mph with a battery. If you add to this solar panel, the distance traveled will be much higher.




Hunter: @jccr


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I like exoskeleton-style products, but the first thing I must say is the poor quality of the gif you use rather than the good hunting. No picture quality, no detailed description of the video and its features. I believe it would be more successful if you pay attention to them. It's nice to be able to carry heavy loads easily and be transported more quickly, supported by the battery.

It's an old project, it's why the poor quality of the pics :

The construction of ExoHiker™was completed in February 2005.

But Exoskeleton are in high demand especially for the Army but may be very useful for people with disabilities (to be more autonomous).

Wow, this device is very helpful. By using it, we can bring many things up to 150 pounds easily. I think, it is suitable if we go camping.

Cool Hunt!

Hehe you forget the video @jccr

Congrats for become top 3 and this one will make sure our journey (maybe hiking) become easier. Ahaa,,, dont forget about using if for working too, you can have supah power :joy:

interesting, i guess this will be added to the future military gear
impressive hunt

This is really amazing and really useful. These days we spend a lot of time working our brains instead of muscles and this is basically using our brains to make sure that we don't really have to use our muscles that much. I hope it won't drain to much power too fast. Going on a hike with his thing on would be really great.


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Wow fire fighters will be pleased to have such a product which will help in load carrying

That is amazing, I could carry my wife up to bed every night she'd like that lol nice find, i think it could be very useful for hiking or even for work too.

I can't seem to find a price tag for this product, anyone know how much this costs? Prob too much for me lol Nice hunt :)

This ExoSkeleton turns an ordinary human into the Six Million Dollar Man (The Bionic Man). This is a really good product and really useful for hikers. It'll be easier to carry heavy loads on your back when walking long distance.

This item is very useful. Sometimes you really need to carry a heavy load and go far. I want to try it because I don't feel the weight. I really like it. Thank you for sharing.


Marvellous Hunt @jccr

This one is cool gadget that gives travellers and hikers a superhuman strength. It can offer you strength and protection to carry heavy loads. Now every people in the old age who wants to go for hike or trekking can use this easily and Exohiker will protect them from being tired. They can offer you flexibility to move in any direction as you like. Cool one!!!


Seen a few of these advertised online lately. While I do think they are great for disabled people and people with injuries, I think the opposite could also be true for healthy adults. This can actually have adverse effects and make people more reliant on the support and not lift the load themselves

I am very enthusiastic with the technology of exoskeketons.Can help people to do things with low power.Keep good hunting!

This exoskeleton reminded me of the movie Elysée. It is a very interesting product and very useful for jobs where you need to move very heavy things, you can reduce fatigue and work injuries.

Excellent hunting. Thank you for sharing this innovative and technological ExoHiker.

wow a nice idea indeed. This concept is designed to easily carry heavy loads long distance. Good for military and for hikers. I hope this concept will come in to reality soon.
Great hunt

This is really cool and useful. We can carry up to 150 pounds by using this.

ceel like.jpgit is a considerably silent innovation and allows the user to drive for 42 miles at an average speed of 2.5 mph with a battery

@jccr Cool hunt. How awesome this is that you can use this to carry heavy loads in all the hiking trails and walking without worry about weight getting heavier. Great hunt.

Say no more to any kind of pains associated with carrying heavy loads.. this is a creative one. Created an exoskeleton for you,nice!

great product I do not know why but it reminds me of the "iron-man" movie when loading heavy things like cars among other things every time you see more this type of robotics great hunting artifacts

wow that's best Product for the people like me who love to hike in the mountain and yes there are lots of heavy eight bags out there especially water coolers

Moving heavy loads was never so easy with this impressive exoskeleton, called ExoHiker, that the user can support and move a weight of up to 150 pounds without running out. In particular

150 pounds is quite amazing i mean now there is zero tension now if picking up heavy bags

It is a very good and very good idea to make the country's youth very much needed to maintain their muscles, we must stay on it.

Wow.It's a must for people who have a hard time walking down the mountain, so I can enjoy climbing with heavy load.

Wow certainly a great hunt. It would provided a great relief to those whose works involve lifting heavy objects. Thanks hunter. This is excellent

It is actually a good idea to carry heavy luggage far enough, and it can be very useful for the traveler to go a long walk. It gives the user strength.Really, its design is very innovative, its use is very easy and convenient.
I think ExoHiker Best hunt to travel, @jccr

a design that is truly very innovative,
and this must be very little known, I think by using this we no longer complain when traveling anywhere,


Excellent hunt

ExoHiker is nice product to carry heavy load up to 150 pounds very easily.

Very useful for travelers for carrying required things.

Simply super

I knew they were making these for the military but I didn't know they had some for civilians too, thats really awesome! I bet in the future these could be used to help old people get around rather than putting them in a wheel chair which only worsens their position because of lack of movement. I am so excited for the future because of great ideas like this.. :)


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God gave me to conquer Mount Everest.

an innovation that really makes our minds calm, very useful friends.

This is quite unique from the ones I have been seen on here. The weight it supports is quite massive and the capacity to use solar makes it an eco-friendly product.