Solar Animal Repeller - Stay anywhere anytime without bothering yourself of animals

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Solar Animal Repeller

Stay anywhere anytime without bothering yourself of animals



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Hunter's comment

If you ever want to live in totally natural environment without the disturbance or fear of animals "Solar Animal Repeller" is device that can help get your wish.

Solar Animal Repeller is used to protect your environment from any type of animal.

It contains infra-red motion sensor that detects any type of movement and initiate short pulse of strong ultrasonic sound and flashing strobe lights whenever an animal of any kind enters the controlled area.
This ultrasonic sound is not in any form dangerous to humans

Product Features:

The ability to set its sensitivity and area of coverage
The ability to set the frequency based on the animal you're trying to repel



Hunter: @jaydurella

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Great Hunt!


Nice one! Using a similar product like this at home to prevent the cats doing their business in my yard and it really works well. Really love the fact this thing runs on solar power. At least I did never had any problem at night since the battery normally charges during the day.

Keep on the good work!


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Woow, an ecofriendly product which also helps keeps unwanted animals away