Jazzy Air - Elevate 10” in just 16 seconds

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Jazzy Air

Elevate 10” in just 16 seconds



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Hunter's comment

This is a special kind of wheelchair. I think this wheelchair also plays a mental role. Imagine as cripple you are always needing people's help because you are doomed to a low height, well the Jazzy Air is here to safe the day. With this you can elevate up to 10" and interact in a face to face social engagement. You can easily move around and get things with a safe max speed of 3.5mph.
It comes with powerful lithium batteries which guarantee you a range of 18.6 miles at full charge.
Now you can do a lot more things on your own even though you can't walk around, well you can roll around, at any preferred height.




Hunter: @jaydurella


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This is great @jaydurealla . I have gone to events where people on Wheelchairs are relegated to the back of the hall so as not to cause obstruction. This kind of Wheelchair will give them a good vantage to see things no matter where they are seated.

come on, this is a beautiful innovation, gives you the height of someone standing even while sitting, really amazing stuff.

  • Pros.
Amazing technology.
3.5 MAH speed.
cheap price
  • Cons.
no one.

Iam happy when I see hunts for disabled peoplei or people who need help for some activities. Jazzy Air will be very useful for them. Great hunt.

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I have removed the trademark sir, thank you

I think the Jazzy Air product is amazing, it is a wheelchair that can be adjusted to your needs. it also has features that are very helpful. thank you for your great hunt

Beautiful one, I also got a wheelchair from this site, but I think yours is really amazing,, good one.

This is an amazing chair to help boost the self esteem of the crippled people.


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