GP-1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp - Play your electric guitar anytime and anywhere

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GP-1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp

Play your electric guitar anytime and anywhere



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Hunter's comment

The GP-1 Headphone Amp is a very portable guitar headphone amp that is built-in classic distortion. It is as simple as it's design.
All you have to do is plug it into the output of your guitar and press the power button. It is designed so that you can set the amount of distortion you want by using the gain knob. It also has a volume knob for regulating the volume as you wish.

Remember it's just an adapter (amp) . You will still have to inject an earphone to it.
It serves as an interface between the guitar and the earphone. Since the earphone can't be plugged in directly into an electric guitar.
Its major advantages include

light weight and portability
good for practicing how to play a guitar
features a non classic rock distortion
batteries can last more 40 hours of use



Hunter: @jaydurella

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You need this little apparatus for the electric guitar. Put the guitar on the sound outlet and press the button to play your guitar. You can set the desired level. Cool product.

For someone who plays the electric guitar, I know how hard it is not to be a nuisance to others when I want to play it loud. With this device, I can play my guitar anywhere without disturbing the others. I love this. Thumbs up!

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Electro guitar be disturb the people if they don't love. When you play electric guitar everyone tells you to stop. But GP-1 Guitar working with the headphone for that you not disturb to anyone. Nice inventation.

Nice hunt! incredible product for guitar lovers having awesome and cool features like portable and plug it into the output and press the power button to enjoy the music with your desired distortion. Good luck with your hunt

Now it is not impossible to play your electric guitar anytime and anywhere due to the invention of "GP-1 Guitar Plug Headphone Amp." That is the time when we can enjoy this music without disturbing anyone. Awesome hunting @jaydurella by sharing this product with us specially music lovers.

Super equipment for fans of electric guitar. You can play guitar with yourself without disturbing anyone. Music is the most beautiful of people to relax. Thanks for the hunt.

Nice and compact for travel also head phones compatible ........ great stuff for the traveling guitarist! Nice hunt!

Music is soul food. The music will give you the different pleasure. Some people love the slow song other loves the electric guitar songs. İf you also love the electro guitar this product is perfect for you. Great sharing.


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