Mr.Everything - Truly Wireless Charger, Earphones & Speaker

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Truly Wireless Charger, Earphones & Speaker



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Here I am introducing 4-in-1 gadget named Mr.Everything. It has wireless power bank, Bluetooth 5.0 earphones & speaker and phone stand. It is beautifully designed and is available in very affordable pricing. Here are few more features.

Some Main Features:

  • Wireless Power Bank
  • Bluetooth Earphones & Speaker
  • Detachable
  • Deep Bass Audio
  • Phone Stand
  • Interchangeable Cases
  • Touch Control

Price: $49


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Wow small in size great in working. Blend of style and technology which not only fulfill fashion needs but also give you option of wireless charging along with earphone. Great hunt

Yes the name explains everything. I love gadgets like that. They really did tremendous job. Great hunt

It is truly "mr everything".having a gadget with all those features you listed is really a great thing...especially the wireless powerbank..that is interesting and awesome...lovely hunt

Cool hunt from you

On using Wires for head phones, specks some types we face problems.

On avoiding this Wireless products are good choice. It give freedom to our Hands.

Nice find, Thanks for sharing

Such a great device that can be easily carried and it has amazing features which us, travelers need. We can charge our earphones and speakers wirelessly, cool innovation!

A great restaurant can not run without a great staff. Check out the people that help keep Mr. Everything Cafe grilling up the best chicken in town!

The name says it all - Mr Everything. It embodies so many features that it might be really enough for so multiple things. Great hunt!

A small and tiny tool, which is equipped with 4 elements that everyone wants,
Wireless Chargers, Earphones & Speakers
It's nice to have it in your pocket

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The idea looks very desirable, but one thing mr's everything isn't for me... Pretty!
They attempted something I can only recall as an alien larva... not even sure... what it looks to me.

Wireless charging is the future!


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