Tailwind Drone - A Heavy Duty 4.5 Hour Durability Drone

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Tailwind Drone

A Heavy Duty 4.5 Hour Durability Drone



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Hunter's comment

Tailwind Drone has been in and out of the market and has attracted a lot of buyers because of its durability in aerial explorations and captures.

We've never seen a drone that lasts more than 4 hours, but with Tailwind drone - It lasts 4 hours and 34 minutes to be exact!

This is how revolutionary drones are doing it. It lasts 10x long than normal drone batteries, so expect a much longer aerial footage. It can be used as :

  • Entertainment
  • Video Promotion/Making
  • Exploration and Navigation
  • Farm inspection

You can actually check this video for its performance test. See and be amazed.




Hunter: @jassennessaj


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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It is an excellent drone with more durability. I see its look bit large but very smart works. As this comes with a buffer/boost battery pack that also provides redundancy in case of engine failure.

This product will create opportunities for you in concerts, film sets and documentaries. You can shoot beautiful nature pictures and videos. Nice hunt.

Great for amateur and professional video recorders. I think this is enough to draw bird eye records. A very good product for filmmakers. Comfortable view of the hill. Thanks for the product.

Cool drone i like it because it's lightweight and small therefore very easy to travel with in addition when comes to farm inspection i think it provide more flexible and useful information in less cost then a traditional on ground inspection. Super Hunt.

Drones became a regular devices as a laptop. Almost everyone has one around me. There are really expensive ones but none of them can fly 4,5 hours. I will share this with them. Thanks for the hunt

It's great to be in the sky for four hours.
In particular, agricultural use could be very useful.

Man, I really need and want a drone. This is a very cool looking drone. I love the fact that it has enough power to stay in the air for a very long time compared to other drones. I don't think I will ever fly a drone for over 4 hours. But it is nice to know that it can and will. Awesome Hunt @jassennessaj

Last year I bought one because I was really curious about them but I was not pleased with its duration. It could fly around 10 minutes and Its not enough to learn and have fun. This drone broke the limits with 4,5 hours. Great drone thanks for it.

I tried to use it once and its difficult than it seems. It was my friends drone and he was complaining about duration. I can show this one to him. He will be suprised with 4,5 hours. Excellent hunt

This one is a beast. It has great features and what a durability. 4,5 hours is unbelievable. They produced an amazing drone. Thanks for this great hunt

There are many drones in the market so features are really important to define which one is better. To be honest I prefer long time flying drones and this one flys extremely much time with more than 4 hours. Great hunt

This one is really different than the regular ones. I like its design and duration. You can have fun long hours non stop. Thanks for sharing this interesting drone with us.

Durability is the most important feature by drones. Other parts like camera etc. can be replaced too. Of course its carrying capacity is also important and it depends on his power. This one fills most needs I think and for me 10/10. Great hunt.

I watched the video and Tailwin Drone is amazing. Its features are greater than the others. Awesome hunt.

The battery life is quite durable. Unlike others, its exterior design has been wonderful. Like a spacecraft. I love such products very much. Great product.

Well, I have came across so many drones products but this is something new and innovative specifically in terms of flight timings. Almost 4 and half hour flight time is exceptionally tremendous. An ideal drone for the best Ariel view footage indeed.

Brilliant Hunt :)

Sounds like a pretty nice choice for the Drone Lovers ;)

Enjoy 4 hours and 34 minutes Ariel view due to amazing Battery timing
Easy to use


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