Nintendo 64 - A Fun Game Machine that explores breathtaking 3D Worlds

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Nintendo 64

A Fun Game Machine that explores breathtaking 3D Worlds


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Hunter's comment

An innovative design as a party machine, incorporating the breathtaking 3D world into the fantasy of Nintendo - a popular gaming tool through the history.

This time it augments an advanced lighting effects and bringing you quality audio sounds for a better gaming experience.

Check out this amazing Nintendo 64 for more details :

To sum-up the specifications of unboxing Nintendo 64 :

  • Includes 2 controllers on the package
  • Connectable up to 4 friends playing together.
  • Pre-installed 12 most iconic games
  • Can be link-up with Game Boy Color Games (Pokemon Gold/Silver & Mario Golf) with the aid of Transfer Pak.



Hunter: @jassennessaj

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I'm sure your hunt is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the better ranking. Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".

I was reminded of Nintendo's glory days (when I was little). Maybe I will immediately try to buy this console because I miss the characters of Mario and Luigi, XD.

Oh yes, is there more information about the Pre-Installed Games included? @jassennessaj


Hi @calprut. Yes, the pre installed games can be seen on the youtube video provided.

You should 😉 and I can't wait to see your new stuff.


XD i am waiting for your next best hunt

I loved this console, until I met the paystation.
Nice hunt, thank you for bringing me good memories.

Great hunt you have in there buddy @jassennessaj! For sure, adult or kids will surely buy this one, it is really great to play those retro games like Mario. And I must add that is more fun and more memories playing with family or perhaps your friends.

Well, anyways, I look forward for your hunts such as this one @jassennessaj!


Indeed. Thank you for appreciating @josephace135. It has already embarked the history of gaming. Nintendo is the best :)

Reminds me of childhood playing retro games. Love to have this nintendo to play the iconic games. Want to play with friends . Looking forward to get this product. Great Hunt

I haven’t used this one yet, but I will definitely make a try whevener time make it so. Anyway, congrats to this awesome hunt though!

I already have a Nintendo for a long time, and I recommend it to everyone who likes games. Great hunt.

Wow This thing is really awesome!
I love nintendo its just amazing!!!!! I used to play games on it. Usually the pokemon games but I liked it. Here is new version.
Amazing hunt!

Nintendo is a living legend for gamers LoL, Nintendo 64 would be a good choice Thanks for sharing.

I want to try this new Nintendo controller. It could accomodate more persons playing together. Great hunt :)

Such a Retro Machine, but it's part of almost everybody childhood. That was the iPhone of the era.

Hope new generations value the old-retro-awesome videogames.


Thank you @rafaco. I was thinking to buy one for my siblings.


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