The Mono Drop House - The Cabin that Dreams are Made of

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The Mono Drop House

The Cabin that Dreams are Made of



Hunter's comment

Have you ever just wanted to live in a cabin in the woods?

Have you ever found the perfect spot to live but don't have millions of dollars to afford it?

Introducing the Mono Drop House. Measuring 106 square feet this cabin is designed with the ability to live anywhere.

This 106 square foot building requires no permit and is deliverable, turnkey, all over North America.

Each of these Mono cabins is custom built depending on the buyers preference and is delivered where ever your heart desires.

A plethora of custom features, the base model starts at $21,000. I can definitely see myself purchasing something like this in the future. This cabin makes a lakeside cottage more affordable or even allows you to become a digital nomad. Live in a new place everyday.



Hunter: @jasonshick

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I could use it as my second home somewhere, maybe in the north where you can see northern lights, or is it warm enough like this?


It does use solar power for heating. I would also like to have one of these up North, but preferably in the summer, might be a little too chilly for me in the winter

It seems so small and handy. Or is it really handy? How will you carry this one during campings? Lol


Yeah it would be handy at first, but then you would need a truck to move it each time

Yes, I do have the Wonderful place to live on, But Don't have enough money, I'm talking about the Muree, ONe of the beautiful place of my country, I don't know MIlitary allows me to live at that place or not, bUt I will take this house to that place to spent at least two or three day and will enjoy the beauty of that place.


Sounds like a good plan. Just double check with local laws to be safe

Sometimes you don't need much to live nice! Looks amazing small and all you need in such a cabin! Definitely a cool thing to have, even in your garden you could built one up!

Keep up the interesting hunts @jasonshick and enjoy every day!


cheers red. I completely agree. There is something to be said for simplicity with this one.

Verified based on PG 2-6. A small, effortable engineering masterpiece.

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This cabin will be pretty useful for long-term camping. The price might boreholes on some people's pocket lol. Great hunt @jasonshick, looking forward to seeing more of your cool hunts.


Yeah I mean the size isn't that big and 20K isn't cheap by any means, but I think it is affordable compared to your typical house

Def a cool hunt, I also see myself buying this. Its great looking plus for it seems it serves its purpose quite well.


hopefully in a few years when Steem finally takes off, we will have accumulated enough to afford something like this

just like a little mans house, just what i need, can finally travel with my house but the price won't be that cheap
excellent hunt

hunt on...!


Cheer Camzy, keep saving up your steem and you will get there one day


😂😂....sure man

I think this cabin-shaped house is very cool, to use it I don't need permission, and it will be very convenient to camp with this cabin. but unfortunately it is only available in the United States.


I thought that was one of the coolest parts about this cabin, you don't need a permit to put it where you want (within reason)

This cabin would be good for long-term campers. But the price is quite expensive and there may be limited regional restrictions. Anyway great hunt!

It is very beautiful.If I want to live where there is a small settlement is perfect.I wanted a lonely side of a lake in a forest, I searched such houses and was interested.I found the construction to be nice but the price was a bit high.You have a great hunt :)


Thanks for the kind words. This is the type of thing I can see myself purchasing when I retire. Simple and relatively affordable


A great alternative for people who do not have enough to buy a house in the majesty of the forest outdoors; with few square meters, but comfortable, safe, reliable and built in a short time and an exclusive custom design. Great option


Wow nice hunt @jasonshick !
Would love to live in a small compact cabin like this one. If u place it on a beautiful location u have amazing view to ejoy! Maybe someday!


for sure. The peace and quiet of being out in nature. It's the simple things in life.


  • absolutely love small houses like this
  • lots of light
  • cheaper than having a massive mortgage
  • rent out ability with airbnb


  • once i have bought one i'd wanna buy a stack more!

Yeah, I saved the website for future reference. There is something about the simplicity in this one. 20k is actually affordable, until you start stacking them

This is the perfect country home for those living in renchs

Good and cool hunt..

It's very cute house. Looks awesome but i think the privaty can be problem...


yeah you might need to put some tint on those windows or get a good set of curtains haha


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Houses and models are so simple and equipped with attractive features and designs.

As for the added value of the house, it can be taken anywhere, maybe many people will want it