ETHEREUM ALARM CLOCK - Schedule transactions to be executed on a later date

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Schedule transactions to be executed on a later date



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ETHEREUM ALARM CLOCK as the name implies, is an open source tool for developers to schedule different transactions that the wish to execute on a later date on the ethereum blockchain. This provides a more scalable way for different payments for services to be rendered. The code at which this service is operated upon is open source and as a user you’ll need to provide all the necessary details for the transaction alongside with gas cost which will be used in facilitating the payment.


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Well this is a pleasant product which will improve so many things. With this I can schedule coins for my siblings on their birthday so that I don’t get to forget

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A great one for ethereum lovers...
I have a question...
Does it work for ethereum only or for all ERC20 compatible coins???

WhAt!? Every time it buzzes you get a mysterious ethereum coin drop into your own account??!!! Hellz yEaH I'm iN!!!! JK ;)

This can be quite a useful tool. They already have 1157 ETH transferred. Even STEEM and EOS doesn't have this feature (but it won't be much of work to implement) They have some nice partnerships and Vitalik himself has spoken very favorably about the project. It's a really great Open Sourced project that will have lot of uses in the future.


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