Weenect kids - A GPS child tracker

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Weenect kids

A GPS child tracker



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Weenect kids is a great gps tracker for kids...With this device called " Weenect kids" parents will actually be able to always find their child with their phone via the free app... The GPS tracker is actually a device that is able to transmit position of your child in a real time and also across any particular distance. .. The child can also be able to call his or her parent/guardian..; the GPS locator itself also really works as a telephone...




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Cool, really cool hunt. Parents, without any doubt, will love to have this.. Cases of missing kids will be drastically reduced with this amazing app!

If you want to track your kids weenect is a good solution for you. Weenect is a device which tracks the position of that person who carries that device. Through weenect kids can call to his/her parents.