Tanibox - Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Food System

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Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Food System



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What if the sophisticated technology that is shaping today's world is used for farming and agriculture?

Meet Tanibox, an integration solution that utilizes blockchain technology and IoT devices to empower sustainable and transparent agricultural and agricultural products.

We combine blockchain and Internet of Things to empower food & agricultural supply chain within a transparent, secure, profitable and sustainable cooperative ecosystem.

Watch this video before you read more about Tanibox;

Tanibox is FaaS (Farming-as-a-Service), there are three technologies developed by Tanibox, including;

  • Terra (IoT-based device to help farmers collect and visualize the real conditions of their agricultural land)
  • Trace (Platform that shows verified product data)

This breakthrough will greatly help farmers to be independent and increase their productivity in farming and agriculture.




Hunter: @iqbaladan


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Great hunt @iqbaladan! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Such solutions must be absolutely necessary to achieve better tomorrows. It is a great idea to use blockchain technology to strengthen sustainable and transparent agriculture and agricultural products. When powerful platforms are combined, good projects are emerging. Tanibox will be a transparent and safe business. Cool hunt


Of course, the use of blockchain technology will make farmers become more independent and powerful over their own agricultural products, and the good news is that they have their own coin, namely Tani Coin.

Agriculture is a vital part of our lives. Everyone Eats, so we should have Interest in food production .

Good to see more and more tech focus on food production,and I am very glad that it has Blockchain integration .

Great Hunt


Thank you, @ogochukwu. Even though the world is increasingly sophisticated with various technologies, the role of agriculture is still very important, the use of technologies such as blockchain in agriculture and in the field of food production will have a positive impact.

This is a great hunt.
When the agricultural sector is really focused on, living will be made easy as there will be much to eat.

Tanibox is really a great hunt.


Absolutely, sometimes limited food resources due to lack of development of the agricultural sector and weak regulations regarding crop management and farmers' inability to see natural symptoms that affect crop yields.

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I watched the video and I think FaaS is quite interesting and I think it will be useful for the farmers. Great idea, great hunt


Indeed, this apps will benefit them a lot.


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