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Myth Wars




Hunter's comment

Hi to all hunters,

I'm here with another hunt which is a game on the Blockchain Technology. It is inspired by the worldwide cultures.


What is Myth Wars?

Myth Wars is a name of game which is created by the artists but built on the blockchain which you can play and earn ETH coin.

They have been created 1000+ mytheical beasts and 350+ gods as per the worldwide culture. So, gamers can earn ETH by leading gods and many more..

Here's reasons behind playing Myth wars:

  • Own a one of a kind collectible
  • Be prepared to earn ETH
  • Low Commission.



Hunter: @ikrahch

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Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Another alternative game on blockchain to earn some Ethereum. Game is intersting with gods and other beasts. There are enough characters to play and I think its enjoyable one. I will try it soon. Thanks.

Its website is really good and the images of the game is really interesting. You need to lead a god in the game to earn some ethereum. There is enough choice as gods. Blockchain games are now in trend so this must be tried too. Thanks for sharing it.

Blockchain games become more day by day and most of them has the opputinity to make some money. This game uses Ethereum which is one of the most trustable coin and it makes it more attractive. Its a game with gods and beasts and I am curious about it and cant wait to try. Thanks.

It is fun to play games and it is more amazing if the games give you good earning reward un ETH coin. Nice game with awesome reward. Great hunt


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