IV-WALK - Stimulates the Mobility in Hospitals to Accelerate Recovery

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Stimulates the Mobility in Hospitals to Accelerate Recovery



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Hi to all Hunters,

Lemme introduce you IV-WALK product which is specially designed for Patients in order to improve the Mobility in Hospitals. The primary purpose of this product is to accelerate the recovery of the patient.

Story behind this Product

Rees has designed this product who was caught up Leukaemia which kept her in Hospital for about two years where she was attached to an IV-Pole wihout any movement. That pole was hard and never let you walk freely that's why she designed a flexible IV-WALK.


  • It is Flexible and Soft
  • Allows Patients to walk freely
  • Enable Exercise & Fresh Air

You can check its Trial with 15 Patients in OLVG East.




Hunter: @ikrahch


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They produced the Iv walk for the patient be walk easy. They were walking with this product easy. The product is light and comfortable for the using. Nice hunt.


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Have you been in hospital for one day? It be the very bad. Because so many people they can't be the walk. They tried to IV walk for the people. It is working good. I hope they will use for all patient. Thanks for the product.

This seems a really incredible gadget because it will give patients an opportunity to accelerate their recovery, in addition to being able to improve their mobility in a very fast and safe way. In general this is an excellently designed and developed product to provide people with a great alternative that will allow them to regain their body's mobility.

I am sure IV-Walk will be useful for a lot of patients. It is a great idea and great product. Thanks for sharing. Awesome hunt.

Health is so important for us. Because of be the any problem in our body we can not do anything. For that some people be the in hospital and they walk be difficult. They produced to Iv walk. Cool hunt.


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