Tegstove - Portable stove that can cook, charge and store energy

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Portable stove that can cook, charge and store energy



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Hello guys, in today's hunt I bring you a very useful gadget, especially for those people who are fans of the outside world and who are passionate about camping or just venturing, it is Tegstove; a gas stove that will allow us to cook or heat anything that comes to mind, but also offers us the possibility of recharging our devices by generating thermal energy that we can also store in a 3000mAh battery.

Basically, this gadget what it does is that while using the gas to ignite the burners and allow us to cook, it transforms part of that energy generated into electricity and stores it very quickly in an internal battery so that from there we can recharge our devices.

Tegstove is totally portable thanks to its compact design, which makes it very safe at the same time as both the gas capsule and the other components are covered by an insulating material.




Hunter: @ideas-abstractas


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Two in one products are always a good ones. This combined a portable stove, that you will probably use while camping, so maybe you will need a charger as well. Nice none.


A smart stove that can convert the generated heat to energy. A gas stove that allows you to cook or not heat anything, and a thermal energy generator that we can store at 3000mAh on the same time. You are very well explained. It's a great product.

It is a great product for people who like to camp. A portable stove that can be charged and store energy. You can easily carry with you everywhere you go. A practical and useful hunt.

INCREDIBLE PRODUCT and it seems very useful and necessary to me because i love camping, It is lightweight therefore very easy to transport, It is no doubt a perfect stove for out door activities, One of the things i like most about this product is it's energy storage capacity and this feature give it edge over other stoves. Super Hunt.

Def something for me:) Camping rocks! The dude who invented this must be super rich from it.

This is a good combination of energy source. Having a source to cook out meals and heat energy from that process is also converted to electric energy and stored in a power bank which could later be used to charge our mobile phones.

I love this beautiful Tegstove that can do many things apart from cooking, one can get his/her room illuminated with this.

Thanks for hunting for this.

It is cool to know that with the help of Tegstove, one can cook, charge and store energy.
This is awesome and portable with different functions.

Keep hunting.

Tegstove is a great stove that we can cook or heat anything that comes to our minds, and also its features are great. (such as portability, 3000 mAh Battery)

so cool! a gadget that lets us cook evrywhere while storing electricity is just beyond amazing! great hunt

Great hunt @ideas-abstractas! This is perfect especially for people that are living in the cities for which in most cases are just renting rooms. Its portability and its features are cool.

Congratulations on your hunt.


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Perfect gadget for the people who love outdoor leisure !
I would like to buy one for camping. :)

This stove is great for cooking outdoors, putting it to work is easy and everything we put on it will cook without problems.

@ ideas-abstract excellent hunting, I really like how they are evolving the products related to camping and recreation, ideal for semas camping purposes,
many garcias for letting us know this product
I wish you a happy hunt

Nice hunt @ideas-abstractas!

What a great use to generate electricity from the heat emitted from the stove. This would be handy when you have no other way to produce power to charge your small devices.

Not bad for £149.99/$195.00 if you camp out a lot.


I love the idea of having a portable stove. It's a very useful product if you're spending longer periods of time in the outdoors camping or hiking.

It looks like every product today comes with a little extra bonus of somehow being able to recharge your smartphone and Tegstove delivers on that front as well :)

Interesting product, truly practical and innovative. I love the design.

It is definitely amazing, it is a portable stove, has an acceptable size, very good looking, we can easily use it to start camping from the beach, and also has a battery that accumulates energy while cooking and we will charge our phone, in definite I'll buy it, I love it

This is very ideal for camping,picnics and any outdoor activities. Great hunt!

So cool! Great for camping. A partner for outdoor adventures! :)


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